Twitter whores and Facebook flakes

Posted on | September 20, 2008 | 1 Comment

I wish I’d seen this before my “Always On” talk. Would have helped in question time.

Part Two is also pretty funny. I got this from a comment on Mark Deuze‘s Facebook page – it was offered by one of his friends as an initiation present.

Mark’s blogpost this week makes me realise I’m not just imagining the growing Twitter take-up in recent months. I’ve also been reading that Twitter is being seen as an answer to Facebook fatigue. While this is a progressivist perspective, it could be true if we think that those taking up Twitter now are also likely to be users who had their first positive experiences of self-broadcasting on FB (or MySpace before that – before the demographically-specific exodus).

I don’t think Twitter is going to steal the majority of Facebook users for the same reason: it’s the first substantial online identity many people have maintained, and they care about that. The protests about the new site design are so strong because heavy users are attached to Facebook as part of daily life. More specifically, they’re habituated to the layout for its reliable routes to immediate pleasures. If these people can’t handle a few changes to their page arrangement, it’s pretty unlikely they’ll have the patience or energy to move platforms entirely. Which is not to say they won’t protest. On the contrary! They’ll engage in the strongest form of activism they understand: joining a Facebook group.


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  1. Lee
    July 1st, 2010 @ 12:52 am

    Ha I was doing some research for a blog post about twitter whores. I see some peeps tweeting like 24/7. Nothing wrong with that, each to his/her own I guess but some are complete twitter whores. I’m going to watch the video but if you know of any send me some names for my post.. LOL

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