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Lots happening on the book front this week, which I’ll post about separately. For now, I just wanted to mention that I’ve updated my current research section to include a description of the project I hope to do next year while on sabbatical. ‘Work Smarter, Not Harder’ extends some of my previous work on technology and office culture by going back to the archives. The intention is to trace the emergence of efficiency regimes and management mantras as they appear in various funded studies and curricula formative in the development of HR.

As part of this, I am trying to expand the idea of professional technologies to include psychological processes as much as externally imposed devices (and here I’m influenced by Dom Pettman’s work, in Love and Other Technologies, as much as by Foucault and his successors). I’m really keen to get some feedback on these ideas, so please take a look if you’re interested.

The proposal includes an extended period in the US some time after July 2012 and I’m currently looking for hosts and schemes that might support a trip of about 4 months’ length. If anyone would like me to do a talk or visit during the second half of next year to help with this, please get in touch!


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