Mad Men revised

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My updated paper on Mad Men (following peer review) is now available here. What a great experience this time – some really helpful reports. But I am keen to hear any more feedback before submitting the final version. I’m still not quite happy with the conclusion and wonder if it is to do with the problematic of class in relation to “Occupy”… As one reader has already noticed, what would Draper think? Which scenes give us the best indication? It may not matter but it might make a nice resolution to the discussion.

I am also conscious of being heavily influenced from having just finished Andrew Ross’s latest book, Bird on Fire. This fantastic and important work covers so much that I can’t manage to address in this piece: property speculation, migration, climate change, gender and racism. It’s what I have in mind when I try to link the forms of biomediated calculation that service our online experiences as much as our credit rating.

I’ll post more about Andrew’s book another soon; I just mention it here to signal how much the financial crisis seems tied to what I’m describing as ‘the waning of the commute’. Put another way: there are suburbs, and then there are suburbs.


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