Facebook, binge drinking, young women

Posted on | February 5, 2012 | 1 Comment

I’ve just uploaded a revised version of “The Pedagogy of Regret: Facebook, binge drinking and young women” a paper co-authored with one of our GCS graduate students, Rebecca Brown.

I’m so grateful to Rebecca for her work on this and the experience of collaborating together. It’s taught me a lot about the difficulty of writing interdisciplinary analysis – and reminded me of the challenges in producing internet research beyond social sciences paradigms. I really value the determination and imagination Becky is showing in bringing together different disciplinary influences in her PhD work, which this paper has developed from.

Unfortunately in the process of peer review we were asked to remove the song lyrics we originally included in the paper. (I hadn’t realised that copyright was so strict… and have had song lyrics published in the same journal before). Anyway, when reading, know that we originally wanted this as our main intertextual reference. Lily says it better than us.


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