Postscript: Researching intimacy, sexuality and space

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I have posted some pics from Friday’s workshop on Facebook and Flickr for those who couldn’t make it. This was a fantastic prelude to Saturday’s Queer Thinking… and Sara Ahmed’s amazing talk, “Wilful Queers: A Queer History of Will”.

I am still a bit overwhelmed by the quality of presentations and the quantity of people in attendance at both days. I wish I could have seen everything. It also seems significant that we could fill a lecture hall beyond capacity to debate Why Gender Matters in the middle of summer in 2012. This was a very happy Sydney moment.

Feel free to share comments and feedback on the event here. I will be posting a couple of the presentations in separate entries to follow. Thanks to everyone who helped make such a special day. As I said in my welcome – we need to enjoy and celebrate these spaces and discussions when they exist! Never take them for granted.


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