Adultery technologies and ‘intimacy’s work’

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I haven’t posted much about my own research lately, even though I have been writing constantly since the new year (my aching arms can attest to this!). Much of the work is still under review, and needs time to breathe, or is the kind of writing that doesn’t circulate beyond specific audiences: thesis reports, peer reviews, ARC assessments and rejoinders, EMAIL.

But for those who were interested, here is a draft of the piece I presented last month on smart phones, intimacy and adultery.

This paper brings together some of my home/work research with theories of intimacy and love that are taken from my course.

I feel like there is more to go with this project yet, and had to stop at a certain point before delving further. I wanted to write more about the history of flirtation that is missing in this version – and the way ambient technology platforms thrive on the contingency of mobile (or what Bauman calls) “liquid” lives.

I am not sure of the disciplinary “home” for this work though – and am wondering where it belongs. I feel that my writing is moving away from cultural studies towards something I can’t yet name. Any thoughts on audience/readership would be really welcome.

Since I am currently destined to teach love full time (!), I am even contemplating a short book that brings together some of these ideas alongside other pieces I’ve published. My colleague Annamarie planted this seed when she suggested some time ago that the follow up to Work’s Intimacy should be Intimacy’s Work! What do you think?


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