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As part of the ISTC-Social All Hands celebrations in May, Ian Bogost was kind enough to put together a sample of the center’s work to feature in the Technology section of The Atlantic. The fab articles below are just a taste of some of the topics and perspectives coming out of our research on campus and at Intel Labs. Enjoy!

    Shanzhai: China’s Collaborative Electronics Design Ecosystem by Silvia Lindtner, Anna Greenspan, and David Li.
    In Shenzhen, there are hundreds of smart watches, not just design prototypes. Here’s why.

    Come on Feel the Data (And Smell It) by Luke Stark.
    Digital interaction will engage all of our senses simultaneously, including smell and taste, to help us feel the impact of information in our guts.

    The Right Way to Make Cities Smart by Christopher Le Dantec.
    Most data-driven “civic apps” report problems. What if they facilitated civic engagement instead?

    QR Codes for the Dead by Tamara Kneese.
    Graveyards are becoming smart spaces, but will today’s technology last for eternity?

    The Future of Money-Like Things by Lana Swartz and Bill Maurer.
    Look at the infrastructure that makes money move to understand the future of monetary forms like Bitcoin.

    Server Farm to Table by Jonathan Lukens.
    If we know where our fresh food comes from, will we believe that it’s really “fresh”?

    Left to Our Own Devices by Margie Morris.
    Creative, unforeseen adaptations of familiar technologies can help us make our relationships more meaningful.


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