Civic hacking postscript

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Audio from the Civic Hacking panel at the Digital Labor conference last weekend is now here. Thanks to everyone who attended and followed the discussion online.

We ran this as a series of position statements on key terms that interest us in the study of civic hacking. This is the result of ongoing research across a number of different sites that are discussed in detail in the session.

The words and speakers are as follows:

    Carl DiSalvo

    Hackers and/as entrepreneurs
    Lilly Irani, Andrew Schrock

    Andrew Schrock, Max Liboiron, Thomas Lodato

    Thomas Lodato, Max Liboiron

    (Data) activism
    Max Liboiron, Andrew Schrock

    Thomas Lodato, Mel Gregg

The final part of the discussion, not part of this recording, was a brainstorm with the audience in which we attempted to move the conversation from terms to tactics. It also featured some ideas from my forthcoming paper, “Hack for Good: Speculative labor, app development and the burden of austerity.”

We will be using this material as the basis for further thinking, writing and events, so feedback is most welcome.


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