Visiting Grade 2

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These are the questions my niece’s classmates have prepared for my visit to her school on Monday. Any help with the answers is appreciated!

    1. How did you get so smart? Chloe
    2. How long have you been studying Maths and Science? Georgina
    3. Do you enjoy Maths or Science more? Nathalie
    4. Do you do many experiments? Sarah
    5. When did you realise you really enjoyed Science and wanted to do it? Ella
    6. Is Maths hard for you or do you find it easy? Arkie
    7. What is your job? Panayiota
    8. Where do you work? Natalie H
    9. What was the first experiment you remember? Genevieve
    10. Which part of Maths is your favourite and why? Samia
    11. How hard is your work every day? Claudia
    12. Do you work every day? Lara
    13. How long have you had to study to do your job? Emily
    14. Do you have an assistant? Eva
    15. What is the room like that you work in? Abby B
    16. Have you ever met anyone really famous or smart? Abby T
    17. Have any of your experiments ever gone wrong? Matilda
    18. Do you work with many women or do you mostly work alongside men? Bridie
    19. Have you had any apprentices? Lucy C
    20. Can you do your work in Australia or only in America? Caity
    21. Is there anyone who does your job in Tasmania? Taya


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