From careers to atmospheres

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While visiting the University of Leicester this year I was invited to contribute to the new CAMEO Cuts pamphlet series produced by the Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies. In this essay, From Careers to Atmospheres, I draw together key points from the conclusion to my new book, Counterproductive, which is coming soon from Duke University Press. Here’s the abstract:

The third issue of CAMEO Cuts examines the changing social relations of time and self-management at work. Melissa Gregg shows how the dispersed organization increasingly relies on technologies and platforms that aim to improve personal productivity and efficiency, but tend to do so at the expense of collectivity. She explores how it might be possible to create new forms of elective association – ‘productive atmospheres’ – based on shared resources and care rather than metrics of individual performance.

You can read the full list of CAMEo cuts here. Enjoy!


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