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Cultural Studies’ Affective Voices

Available from Palgrave MacMillan – or contact the author direct.


In a series of encounters with key figures in the field of cultural studies, this book draws attention to the significance of voice and address in enacting a political project from within the university. Combining a focus on theories of “affect” lately dominant in the humanities with a history of cultural studies as a discipline, it argues that the best practitioners of cultural studies produce a contagious care and concern for the world and its inequalities, enacting a project of empathy from within the Academy.

The book suggests that cultural studies’ major achievement has been to question the conventions of traditional academic discourse, reworking some of its expectations and functions to keep step with current events. In doing so, cultural studies has widened the participants for scholarly debate, making the academic vocation a more attractive and likely prospect for different kinds of people.


Communicating Investment: Cultural Studies, Politics and Affect

Activating Empathy: Richard Hoggart, Ordinariness and the Persistence of ‘Them’ and ‘Us’

The Politics of Conjuncture: Stuart Hall, Articulation and the Commitment to Specificity

Fighting for the Future: Lawrence Grossberg, Messianic Zeal and the Challenge of Building a Legacy

Justice and Accountability: Andrew Ross, Intellectual Labour and the New Academic Activism

A Voice of Vigilance: Meaghan Morris, Anecdotal Critique and the Politics of Academic Speech


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