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What does the smart office know?

Tamara Kneese and I are organizing a panel at 4S on the smart office. Please consider submitting a paper! Abstracts of 250 words are due March 1. More info at the meeting website. In the spirit of STS scholars who have studied configurations of non-human and human actors (Braidotti 2013, Haraway 2008, Hayles 1999, Sharp […]

Forms of labour in Europe and China

Forms of Labour in Europe and in China: The Case of Foxconn University of Padua 26-27 June 2014 THURSDAY 26TH JUNE ROOM B1 – Via del Santo, 22 – Padova 10-11.00 Welcome and introductions Vincenzo Milanesi, Director of Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology Antonio Varsori, Director of Department of Political, Legal and […]

Notes from Michael Warner, ‘On Normativity’, May 15 2013

[All errors entirely mine. One of the smartest people I have ever heard talk. I could not keep up] Queer theory without normativity: part of a wider project with Robyn Wiegman and Elizabeth Wilson. Trying to provide a genealogy for grad students to show how normativity became the (limited) focus for queer theory. Quite a […]

Post traumatic reviewing disorder

Recently I finished a review essay of three books written by feminist scholars that I seriously admire. It was hard work, as the tone of the piece will make obvious, and I’m not quite happy with the conclusion. Since one of the lessons I learned in the books is that happiness is not an entitlement, […]

From here to there

Just before Christmas I went public with the news that I’ve been hired as a Researcher in Residence at the new Intel Centre for Social Computing based at UC Irvine. This is the last of a series of centres Intel is funding across the US and internationally. It’s a massive investment. This latest centre is […]

A reassuring presence (no bullshit)

My first encounter with Graeme Turner, which he is unlikely to remember, was in 1999, as an Honours student working at the University of Tasmania. After a year of turbulence, in which the main priority was to get out of small town Hobart, Graeme was one of the people I contacted in the hope of […]

Building Australian Cultural Studies: The work of Graeme Turner

This month, my first proper boss will be retiring from his position as Director of the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies at the University of Queensland. This event in his honour will be a historic day and I hope many people will be there to recognise Graeme’s immense contribution to media and cultural studies […]

In praise of strategic complacency

What follows is the basic text from my talk to “Early Career Researchers” at UQ earlier this month. As you’ll see, they are rough notes, intended for a small and currently employed audience. This is only one experience of “ECR”. I welcome comments for how to expand and edit as I might try to publish […]

At Sydney Uni this week

Starting with an assembly in Eastern Avenue – one of the many campus locations to have been “enhanced” in recent years at major expense – Wednesday’s No Job Cuts rally moved to the iconic sandstone quadrangle, to the office of the absent Vice Chancellor, Michael Spence. A section of the protest group then stormed the […]

Dream large

Dream large of narcotising the practice of thought, of putting to sleep the old cultures of criticism, inquiry and analysis, in favour of a consumer opportunity. Culture becomes brand. Dream large of how to educate and polish up your young people, so that they think efficiently but within certain limits, and so that they never […]

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