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M/C Journal Special Issue: ‘Marriage’

If any of my intimacy students are reading…. here is your chance to be published! The question of what ‘marriage’ is, and what it is capable of becoming, has increasingly become a hot topic across many countries. In Australia, a key turning point occurred when the then Howard goverment amended the Marriage Act to explicitly […]

Commuter marriage

I have been reading a book from the early 1980s on ‘commuter marriage’. It stood out from the shelves in the library when I was preparing my course reader this year, and for obvious reasons I have an interest in the topic. What’s remarkable, reading it from the set of presumptions I have today, is […]


How do you buy a wedding ring?

The next bit of wedding planning is to buy the rings, since we both agree we’d like to have one. It was different with the engagement. I proposed to William so I didn’t expect a ring. I am also not much of a jewelry person. But wow, try explaining that to someone sometime, that you […]

Happily ever before and after

Yesterday we met our wedding celebrant for the first time. We were a bit nervous beforehand. So far the celebrant plans have fallen through twice. My sister in law’s mother was first to be asked, but unfortunately illness means she can’t risk traveling to the wedding. Then after a trip home to Tassie last year […]

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