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A special moment

Thanks to everyone who came out to welcome Lauren Berlant on her visit to Sydney last weekend. It was an incredible paper, and we are all in the department basking in the afterglow of a fantastically inspiring visit. I also wanted to say sorry to those who couldn’t make it in to Saturday’s lecture – […]

Happily ever before and after

Yesterday we met our wedding celebrant for the first time. We were a bit nervous beforehand. So far the celebrant plans have fallen through twice. My sister in law’s mother was first to be asked, but unfortunately illness means she can’t risk traveling to the wedding. Then after a trip home to Tassie last year […]

#IPF09 debrief

Now one cannot demonstrate scientifically what the duty of an academic teacher is. One can only demand of the teacher that he have the intellectual integrity to see that it is one thing to state facts, to determine mathematical or logical relations or the internal structure of cultural values, while it is another thing to […]

Remembering Eve Sedgwick

This is something I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. Hope some of you might like to come! We are also looking in to the logistics of recording it – so it would be good to hear if people would find this useful. Remembering Eve Sedgwick: The beginnings, present and future of queer […]


Think your job is bad? Read this. Overload reports on “the role of work-volume escalation and micro-management of academic work patterns in loss of morale and collegiality at UWS.” Apart from highlighting the inadequacies of workload formulae across every level of academic life, it’s also one of the best reports I’ve read showing the impact […]


Thanks to everyone who sent messages of support in response to the rejections. What a weird week. After going public with all the feedback, a friend suggested I should write an opinion piece about it for the Higher Ed. I’ve sent it off and I think it might be getting published — although of course […]

Cultural studies and obsolescence

Last night, along with a few other cultural studies scholars in Sydney, I was invited to meet the new CSAA President, Amanda Third. The idea was to “think out loud about the fact no-one has come forward to hold this year’s CSAA conference” and to see what people are thinking about “the CSAA version of […]

Crossroads 2010

I’ve just spent an amazing few days in Hong Kong with the ACS Chair, Ferda Keskin, meeting with the conference organisers for Crossroads 2010. Lingnan University will be the hosts and I have to admit being extremely excited after seeing the facilities, meeting with staff and hearing plans for the program. We’ll be able to […]

Rural broadband

At the end of last week I spent two days at the University of Wollongong listening to a range of stakeholders and researchers talk about broadband. The workshop was organised around the ideas of self, place and “making do” and was an effort to talk about the cultural reality of communications infrastructure in non-metro areas […]

Border as method

Notes from the “Precarious Employment, Differential Inclusion and the Proliferation of Borders” seminar featuring Brett Neilson, Sandro Mezzadra and Rutvica Andrijasevic at University of Western Sydney, November 13, 2008. People seem to like notes, and blogging them helps me remember some of the ideas I’ve been hearing lately. Below is a bunch of thoughts I […]

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