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From careers to atmospheres

While visiting the University of Leicester this year I was invited to contribute to the new CAMEO Cuts pamphlet series produced by the Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies. In this essay, From Careers to Atmospheres, I draw together key points from the conclusion to my new book, Counterproductive, which is coming soon from […]

A belated processing

Last week I finally wrote the email I have been dreaming of writing for years. It was sent to my publisher, along with the draft of my new book, Counterproductive: A Brief History of Time Management. It made a certain sense when I realized that the day I submitted the manuscript was also the anniversary […]

Data keyword – final draft

Access the final version of Data – a short piece I wrote with my Intel colleague Dawn Nafus for a new collection of media studies keywords. Feedback welcome.

Writing in the periphery

Some new publications I’ve been working on lately… Inside the Data Spectacle, forthcoming in Television and New Media: This paper focuses first on the scopophilic aspects of large scale data visualization – the fantasy of command and control through seeing (Halperin 2014) – and places these in relation to key sites and conventions inside the […]

ISTC-Social @ The Atlantic

As part of the ISTC-Social All Hands celebrations in May, Ian Bogost was kind enough to put together a sample of the center’s work to feature in the Technology section of The Atlantic. The fab articles below are just a taste of some of the topics and perspectives coming out of our research on campus […]

Counterproductive: Towards mindful labor

Excerpt written for iDC in the lead up to the Digital Labor Conference, The New School, November 14-6 Affective capitalism is defined by the articulation of self-fashioning practices with a productivity imperative. We work on ourselves in order to be productive, but without an overarching referent or guide for our actions. To feel productive is […]

New page, new writing

I’ve added a specific page for online features in the ‘other writing’ section to the right. This is a way to highlight some of the things I’ve been doing in collaboration with others lately. And to remember some of the feisty things I put in print a few years ago, too. One of the hardest […]

The hackathon’s civic work

This week The New Inquiry published The Trouble with White Hats, a piece I wrote with Carl DiSalvo. It is an edited version of the keynote I gave at the Apps and Affect conference last month. The article gives a brief overview of some larger conversations we’ve been having in and around Intel and the […]

New publications/dilemmas

Here is a post that I try not to write very often: a list of things I have had published lately. Most of them are already available in previous drafts, so they may not be ‘new’ to readers here. Grouping them together like this has the effect of a confessional, of admitting to myself how […]

Facebook, binge drinking, young women

I’ve just uploaded a revised version of “The Pedagogy of Regret: Facebook, binge drinking and young women” a paper co-authored with one of our GCS graduate students, Rebecca Brown. I’m so grateful to Rebecca for her work on this and the experience of collaborating together. It’s taught me a lot about the difficulty of writing […]

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