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Engineering Inclusion

This year Ada Lovelace Day coincides with National Coming Out Day in the US. These are two occasions that mean a lot to me as a queer woman in tech. To mark the moment, I am reposting below a short piece that I wrote on an internal company blog a few months ago. I started […]

Welcome homotectonic and thoughts on academic blogging

At the risk of aggravating my loyal spambots still further, I wanted to share the great news that my colleague Kane Race has started a blog, homotectonic. It’s partly to document work that’s emerging from his new ARC Discovery project, ‘Changing Spaces of HIV Prevention: a cultural analysis of transformations in sexual sociability among gay […]

Adultery technologies and ‘intimacy’s work’

I haven’t posted much about my own research lately, even though I have been writing constantly since the new year (my aching arms can attest to this!). Much of the work is still under review, and needs time to breathe, or is the kind of writing that doesn’t circulate beyond specific audiences: thesis reports, peer […]

From teleology to topography: Kerryn Drysdale on auto-ethnographic encounters and the archive

I want to introduce this by recounting an experience I had at the beginning of my auto-ethnography. I was going regularly to Queer Central at the Sly Fox Hotel – one of my ethnographic sites – where drag king shows have been running for nine years. I would take along my notepad and try to […]

The long walk: Kate O’Halloran on researching queer scenes, spaces and practices

In light of the panel topic, I thought it was appropriate to reflect on my own relationship to this kind of research. While I have been heavily involved in various queer scenes over my formative years this relationship has never been an easy or uncomplicated one. My very first encounter with ‘queer’ was walking into […]

Postscript: Researching intimacy, sexuality and space

I have posted some pics from Friday’s workshop on Facebook and Flickr for those who couldn’t make it. This was a fantastic prelude to Saturday’s Queer Thinking… and Sara Ahmed’s amazing talk, “Wilful Queers: A Queer History of Will”. I am still a bit overwhelmed by the quality of presentations and the quantity of people […]

Researching intimacy, sexuality & space: Full program

A free one day workshop in conjunction with Mardi Gras/Queer Thinking Friday 24 February, University of Sydney Location: Main Quadrangle, behind the Jacaranda tree: S224, S225 and S204 *To register for Researching Intimacy, Sexuality & Space on the 24th please email: [email protected] Please let us know of any access requirements in this email.* PROGRAM 9.15am […]

Reading group guest post: Jonathon Zapasnik

In regards to the reading this week, I think both Annamarie and Sara bring two different, but also, two complimentary approaches to thinking about queer, sex, and identity politics. In this reflection, I have chosen to briefly summarise each of the readings (feel free to correct me, if I’m wrong). Then, after each, I will […]

Week Two – Style

So much for people wanting to talk more online! It makes me sad when blogging is all broadcast. Well, I will continue posting these anyway, in case there are people following and interested. This week’s readings for Queer Thinking are as follows: Melissa Hardie, “The Closet Remediated: Inside Lindsay Lohan,” Australian Humanities Review, May 2010. […]

Reading group reflections

Here is an open thread for people wanting to continue or join the discussion from this week’s Queer Thinking group. Our readings were: Annamarie Jagose “Feminism’s Queer Theory,” Feminism and Psychology 19.2 (2009): 157-74. Annamarie Jagose “Couterfeit Pleasures: Fake Orgasm and Queer Agency,” Textual Practice 24.3 (2010): 517-39. Sara Ahmed “Sexual Orientations” in Queer Phenomenology, […]

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