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Call for papers: Special issue on Digital Labour

Feminist Review is calling for articles and Open Space pieces for a themed issue on Digital Labour. Issue editors: Melissa Gregg and Rutvica Andrijasevic Digital labour refers to a range of tasks executed by humans on, in relation to, or in the aftermath of digital platforms. On-demand logistics services, micro-work platforms such as Amazon Mechanical […]

What does the smart office know?

Tamara Kneese and I are organizing a panel at 4S on the smart office. Please consider submitting a paper! Abstracts of 250 words are due March 1. More info at the meeting website. In the spirit of STS scholars who have studied configurations of non-human and human actors (Braidotti 2013, Haraway 2008, Hayles 1999, Sharp […]

Transit computing: From productivity to personal logistics

A summary of some recent work… The idea of productivity so crucial to both IT and workplace design relies on a notion of work that is over a century old. Scientific management eliminated wasted motion to drive efficiency in the factory and the office at a time when people worked in fixed hours and locations, […]

Joining The Atlantic

The last few months I have been writing a regular column for the Business section of The Atlantic. Here’s a list of the pieces published so far. The Deficiencies of Tech’s ‘Pipeline’ Metaphor The Blurry Corporation The Productivity Obsession The Neverending Workday The False Dichotomy of Work and Care How Sexism Shaped Corporate Culture The […]

Data 1.0

For media studies* data is a key term because of the role it plays in orchestrating contemporary power relations through the collecting capacities of knowledge generating machines. In an information economy, data can provide both the record and the source of individual energy, self-enlightenment and collective opposition. Here are some qualities we ascribe to data. […]

Typewriter, telephone, transistor

Here’s a write up of my paper from the recent Terms of Media conference at Leuphana University. This is a draft heading for Judy Wajcman and Nigel Dodd’s forthcoming collection, The Sociology of Speed: Digital, Organizational and Social Temporalities. And since it is material coming out of my own book, Counterproductive, all feedback at this […]

Airport flash ethnography guide

If you are in transit over the next few weeks, help out our research project by sending some notes from the departure lounge! Below is a set of prompts to think with as you wait for your next connection. We would be so grateful to have your input for our archive. We are especially interested […]

Slack and synchronicity

The current market valuation of enterprise software start-up #slack is prompting some much needed discussion of effective communication channels in the workplace and email in particular. A few of my close colleagues* recently debated the value of the service in terms of both ephemerality – the serendipity of useful, chance engagements with colleagues that email […]

From creatives to creators

Creative – relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work Creator – a person or thing that brings something into existence; used as a name for God.

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