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The cinematic origins of self-management

Text from my talk at Selfies, Self-portraits, and Social Media, the 7th William A. Kern Conference in Visual Communication, RIT College of Liberal Arts, April 14 * In memory of John Urry, 1946-2016 Photography is a promiscuous way of seeing which cannot be limited to an elite, as art – John Urry, The Tourist Gaze […]

Airport flash ethnography guide

If you are in transit over the next few weeks, help out our research project by sending some notes from the departure lounge! Below is a set of prompts to think with as you wait for your next connection. We would be so grateful to have your input for our archive. We are especially interested […]

Visiting Grade 2

These are the questions my niece’s classmates have prepared for my visit to her school on Monday. Any help with the answers is appreciated! 1. How did you get so smart? Chloe 2. How long have you been studying Maths and Science? Georgina 3. Do you enjoy Maths or Science more? Nathalie 4. Do you […]

This productive life

Here’s the blurb for the talk I’m giving at UCLA on Wednesday. I haven’t been airing much of this work while it’s still in progress, other than the occasional photo from the archives, but it’s the material for my new book, Counterproductive. This is the project I’ve been drawing on in some of the press […]

On the fallacy of the zoom

Notes from Bruno Latour’s closing keynote at Paris CHI. I Latour’s opening provocation set the agenda: ‘There are no collective phenomena’. Rather, collectives contain the work of collecting (as we will see, contain can have several senses here: to hold, to include, to limit). There are many collecting devices which generate collected data. There is […]

Gaining momentum

A month later, I am slowly getting my head around the new job, and the wonders of Southern California (also downtown Hillsboro, OR, where my Intel lab buddies are located). On top of the adjustment to the corporate world, the amount of life admin involved in the move has been relentless, so I won’t dwell […]

Everything will be better in Chicago

I’m in Chicago this week and next to speak as part of this wonderful series organised by Lauren Berlant and colleagues. My paper is an overview of ideas coming out of the intimacy course I’ve been teaching for the past few years at Sydney – and will also draw on some ongoing projects that consider […]

Life, Labour and Information

VICTORIA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION AND THE ARTS Communication studies seminar VU City campus Flinders Street Level 11, room 11.05 30 May 2012 2pm – 3.30pm PANEL TITLE: LIFE, LABOUR, AND INFORMATION PANEL OVERVIEW: There is a key conjuncture of bodies and technology which underlies all three papers: our unprecedented ability to process and circulate […]

Holiday consumption

This fascinating post at Supervalent Thought is timely motivation for new year writing projects. Makes me wonder if I should rethink my avoidance of MLA. I’ve never been, having lost touch with literary studies after my Honours year. I still think in terms of textuality though… indeed the more I go through peer review processes […]

Next project

Lots happening on the book front this week, which I’ll post about separately. For now, I just wanted to mention that I’ve updated my current research section to include a description of the project I hope to do next year while on sabbatical. ‘Work Smarter, Not Harder’ extends some of my previous work on technology […]

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