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Between stops

I have been been back in Sydney for a couple of weeks following the ICA conference and some side trips afterwards. A few extra days in Townsville this week because of the ash cloud was a nice enforced break in the weather! Between marking and closing off the semester’s grades I’ve been working full time […]

After the crisis, if there is one

The last few posts and comments have a further purpose which is to prepare for Boston ICA this week. I’m on a panel with Nick Couldry (Goldsmiths), Isabel Maria Capeloa Gil (Universidade Catolica Portuguesa) and Stewart M. Hoover (U of Colorado) and the topic is ‘The University in Crisis’. Here’s the abstract: Anyone who has […]

US trip

I am doing a couple of talks at the end of the month on the back of the Chicago Cultural Studies Association conference. It is just a quick US trip because it is the middle of a teaching semester… but one of the events is this talk at Rutgers University. Affective Labor and its Limitations. […]

Holiday postscript

NB: This is a preface to some notes on Matthew Crawford’s Shop Class as Soulcraft, which I’ll now shift to another post. Every time I go home to Tasmania I tend to become very introspective about where I’m at in life. Taking holidays in Hobart and on Bruny Island – where I spent a lot […]


Did anyone see that film with Sandra Bullock, The Proposal? I’m in Manchester now and being here is like the place she went to meet her PA’s folks. It is light all the time. It was light when I went to bed, it’s bright blue sky at 4.30am. The joys of cross-hemisphere travel! Anyway, this […]

#IPF09 debrief

Now one cannot demonstrate scientifically what the duty of an academic teacher is. One can only demand of the teacher that he have the intellectual integrity to see that it is one thing to state facts, to determine mathematical or logical relations or the internal structure of cultural values, while it is another thing to […]

Mid-semester break

I have a little break from teaching now and will be a) catching up on a few ongoing projects b) having a birthday holiday! Some of you would have heard the interview I did on Radio National yesterday about Facebook in the workplace, which drew on the material mentioned here a few weeks ago. Thanks […]

The day in between

I left the house twice today. The first time to get some groceries. It started raining when I stepped out of the building. It stopped while I was in the store, then it started again as I was walking back with full arms. Each time my glasses were covered with drops. I needed mini-windscreen wipers. […]

Mobile work case study

Now I’m in London I’m trying to get back to writing. I’ve recently put a book proposal together for the Working From Home project and set myself a fairly strict writing regime to try to get it done with or without a publisher. Hotel rooms in expensive cities are good for these kinds of crazy […]

Crossroads 2010

I’ve just spent an amazing few days in Hong Kong with the ACS Chair, Ferda Keskin, meeting with the conference organisers for Crossroads 2010. Lingnan University will be the hosts and I have to admit being extremely excited after seeing the facilities, meeting with staff and hearing plans for the program. We’ll be able to […]

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