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Super rich kids with nothing but fake friends

On Katherine Losse’s The Boy Kings: A Journey into the Heart of the Social Network, Free Press (2012) and Dave Eggers’ The Circle, Knopf (2013) Even before opening the books, you can see why Losse is annoyed with Eggers. It’s not that the content is the same, exactly – although there are overlaps that lead […]

Data sweat

A link to more work in progress. This paper is my first effort to bring cultural studies in to the world of high tech. It starts with some ground clearing etymology before introducing three new concepts: data agents, data sweat, and data exhaust. All three are efforts to expand the critical and ethical vocabulary for […]

Speculations on Airbnb

These notes arise from discussions at the recent ‘Privacy and Accountability’ workshop at Intel and from excellent conversations with Maria Bezaitis. 1. Who do we live with now? Airbnb allows a new scale of possibility for long-term and short-term intimacy. People share their house with strangers, every day of the week. The desire for proximity […]

Hacking for good

JW and I debrief after last weekend’s Hack for LA. The presumption is that people will “hack for good,” since to do otherwise is to question the implicit gift economy underwriting the event. But since when is hacking necessarily or in any way obviously done “for good”? This is a curious development. Jason said as […]

Anti-social computing – some keywords on subjectivity

In the next few posts I will be sharing some notes from the zillions of workshops and brainstorming meetings I’ve been in lately. Most of them won’t make sense, but in the interests of transmitting entanglement, I want to record how much amazing thinking is happening around me, if not necessarily by me! fudge torque […]

Is anyone thinking of going to this?

Call for Submissions Interdisciplinary Conference HDEA – TCS ICTs and Work: the United States at the Origin of the Dissemination of Digital Capitalism Université Paris Sorbonne, 29-30 May 2013 Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have revolutionized work practices: the acquisition, processing and storage of data thanks to hardware, software, and networks have changed the face […]

The territory of the post-professional

Here is the start of a paper I’m working on for the ‘Data, Memory, Territory’ workshop at UWS in November. It is lonely writing in a foreign hotel room! So I post it here in case anyone has any feedback. Given the frame for the event I’m hoping to develop the relationship between time, mastery […]

Work smarter – when you have a job at all

If you see an example of the phrase ‘work smarter, not harder’ anywhere in your travels, can you send me a pic? This one from The Mercury’s latest special feature got me thinking. According to the figures, Tasmania is in recession – so the local paper is publishing a series of opinion pieces to generate […]

Welcome homotectonic and thoughts on academic blogging

At the risk of aggravating my loyal spambots still further, I wanted to share the great news that my colleague Kane Race has started a blog, homotectonic. It’s partly to document work that’s emerging from his new ARC Discovery project, ‘Changing Spaces of HIV Prevention: a cultural analysis of transformations in sexual sociability among gay […]

Facebook, binge drinking, young women

I’ve just uploaded a revised version of “The Pedagogy of Regret: Facebook, binge drinking and young women” a paper co-authored with one of our GCS graduate students, Rebecca Brown. I’m so grateful to Rebecca for her work on this and the experience of collaborating together. It’s taught me a lot about the difficulty of writing […]

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