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Journal articles

2015 “Hack for Good: Speculative labor, app development and the burden of austerityFibreculture Special Issue, Apps and Affect, 25 (September): 183-201.

2015 “The Effective Academic ExecutiveCultural Studies Special Issue, What’s Become of Australian Cultural Studies? 29 (4): 590-608

2015 “Inside The Data SpectacleTelevision and New Media 16 (1): 37-51

2014 (with Jack Qiu and Kate Crawford) “Circuits of Labor: A Labor Theory of the iPhone EratripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique, Vol 12 (2).

2013 “Spouse-busting: Intimacy, adultery, and surveillance technologySurveillance and Society, Vol 11 (3).

2012 “History in the making: The NBN roll-out in Willunga, South AustraliaMedia International Australia, Special Issue on Australian and New Zealand Internet Histories, May.

2012 “The Return of Organisation Man: Commuter narratives and suburban critiqueCultural Studies Review, Special issue On Mad Men, Prudence Black & Melissa Hardie (eds), 18 (2) September: 242-61

2012 (with Rebecca Brown) “The Pedagogy of Regret: Facebook, Binge Drinking and Young WomenContinuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies Special issue on Mediated Youth Cultures, Brady Robards & Andrew Bennett (eds), 26 (3) June: 357-369

2011 “The Break-Up: Hardt and Negri’s Politics of LoveJournal of Communication Inquiry Special Issue on Autonomism and Communication, Jack Z. Bratich (ed) October.

2011 (with Catherine Driscoll) “Convergence Culture and the Legacy of Feminist Cultural Studies” in Cultural Studies, Special issue on Rethinking Convergence/Culture, Nick Couldry & James Hay (eds), 25 (4/5): 566-584

2011 “Do Your Homework: New media, old problemsFeminist Media Studies 10th anniversary edition, 11 (1): 73-81

2010 “Available in selected metros only: Rural melancholy and the promise of online connectivity” Cultural Studies Review, 16 (1) (March): 155-169

2010 (with Jason Wilson) “Underbelly, true crime and the cultural economy of infamyContinuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies 24 (3): 411-427

2010 (with Catherine Driscoll) “My Profile: The Ethics of Virtual EthnographyEmotion, Space and Society 3 (1): 15-20

2009 “Banal Bohemia: Blogging from the Ivory Tower Hot-Desk” Feature Report, Convergence: The Journal of Research into New Media Technologies 15 (4): 470-483

2009 “Learning to (Love) Labour: Production cultures and the affective turn” Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies 6 (2): 209-214

2008 “Testing the friendship: Feminism and the limits of online social networks” Feminist Media Studies 8 (2): 206-209

2008 (with Genevieve Bell) “Through Country Women: A Proposal for the CWA’s role in Rural Connectivity” Proceedings of the 2008 Communications Policy and Research Forum

2008 “The Normalisation of Flexible Female Labour in the Information Economy” Feminist Media Studies 8 (3): 285-299

2008 (with Catherine Driscoll) “Message Me: Temporality, Location and Everyday Technologies” Media International Australia Special Issue on Digital Literacy 128 (August): 128-136

2008 (with Fiona Nicoll) “Successful Resistance or Resisting Success? Surviving the Silent Social Order of the Theory Classroom” Social Epistemology 20 (2): 203-217

2008 “Communicating Investment: Cultural Studies, Affect and the Academy” Review of Education, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies 30 (1): 43-59

2007 “Freedom to Work: The Impact of Wireless on Labour Politics” in Media International Australia Special Issue on Wireless Technologies and Cultures 125 (November): 57-70

2007 “Normal Homes” Feature Article, M/C Journal ‘Home’ 10 (4) (August)

2007 “The Importance of Being Ordinary” International Journal of Cultural Studies Special Issue on The Uses of Richard Hoggart 10 (1): 95-104

2006 “Feeling Ordinary: Blogging as Conversational Scholarship” Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies 20 (2): 147-60

2005 (with Glen Fuller) “Where is the Law in ‘Unlawful Combatant’?” Cultural Studies Review 11 (2): 147-159

2004 “A Mundane Voice” Cultural Studies Special Double Issue on Everyday Life, 18 (2-3): 363-83

2004 “Toolbox for Electric Fences” Cultural Studies Review 10 (1): 149-60

2004 “Five Bonds T-Shirts From K-Mart: Intervening Against Indifference” Antithesis 14: 25-36

2003 “A Neglected History: Richard Hoggart’s Discourse of Empathy” Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice 7 (3): 285-306

2002 “Remnants of Humanism” Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies 16 (3): 273-84

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